Land station

Product introduction

With the coming of China's maritime data era, the improvement of the maritime management rhythm and frequency of law enforcement, the maritime team put in unprecedented quality requirements for fast adaptation and smooth communication. Whether it is to discuss complex task collaboration, or to speed up decision-making and command speed, maximize the efficiency of instant messaging is a critical means of remote law enforcement and management. Reasonable master array and expansion design, efficient private network management tools, remote dynamic station is strong, stable and strong backing.

Product details

VSAT Land Station System
While building a more flexible small station scheme, we provide more secure data communication, management and storage security for the main station.
Which fully embodies the centralized and decentralized data management aesthetics. Over the years, our experience in the field of dynamic and static VSAT communication provides strong technical support and implementation guarantee for the rapid establishment of VSAT earth station system and the integration of ocean and land. Our customization plan can achieve fast and reliable outdoor equipment deployment, indoor construction, data storage and security policy customization according to the site, rock structure, layout and meteorological environment. To achieve two-way real-time interaction between voice, image and data. To achieve unified command, scheduling, command and decision for the vast sea area, and provide the most reliable data communication guarantee for land data sharing and exchange. VSAT system consists of ground equipment, network management system, data storage and exchange system. Which constitute a complete closed loop command with vessal / vehicle station. Through the fiber optical network, the system provides multilevel data security management and transmission guarantee to realize multilevel storage, sharing and exchange of land data resources.

Land station includes:

1. Mainr station antenna system:

    - C band / KU band Antenna array (custom caliber)

    - Satellite signal transceiver control system

2. Main station information system:

    - Private network management system

    - supporting weaknesses power system

3. Security system


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