Vehicle application

Product introduction

The boundary of land and marine is weakening,as the requirement of maritime space management is boosting up steadily.We offer one more smart way to manoeuvre communication and transportation tools between sea and land that could achieve instant dynamic two-way communication.Meantime, it is a good manoeuvre platform of acquiring instant data and dynamic command collaboration of sea, land and air.

Product details

The new generation of vehicle VSAT system is designed for China's law enforcement departments' needs, with the advantages of high integration, light weight, small space, fast building of satellite communication channel, so as to realize voice, data and video transmission.

The vehicle satellite communication system consists of two parts:

1. the outside VSAT system and task system

2. internal communication and the TPTY business system

Technical advantages:

- Tracking satellites by autonomous tracking, to achieve point to point, point to multipoint, point to the main station satellite communication by making full advantage of large coverage area, strong anti-interference ability and stable line of satellite communication ;

- With a flexible and broadcast feature, to ensure fast, real-time static and dynamic live;
- Short recapture time, quick recovery of communication after driving out of communication blind area;
- Node reduction in signal transmission process, to improve the quality and reliability of rebroadcast;
- Reduce the operating costs of large-scale, complex scene broadcast process.